Friday, June 24, 2011

The House on the corner:

Nellie's Room

Living Room Before

Living Room After

Master Closet Master Bath

Master Bedroom before/ Master bedroom after

Boys Room

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Its been a few months since I have posted so here is a little catch up.........


One night we were bord and decided to slide the kids down the stairs in boxes. We had alot of fun! And no one got hurt!


Our first camping trip

For our first camping trip of the year we went to City of Rocks the first weekend in May. We spent alot of time with the Fowers Family. One day we spent the whole day Rock climbing. Colby was a little spider monkey. He climbed the adult run and almost got to the top. The kids loved the rocks. We almost lost Colby, a hiking group found him. We can't wait till next year.


Boys and Girls club kids fair:

in April there was a kids fair at the Idaho Center. We got to ride Horses. We saw the Fire Truck. And we mad flower pots. It was alot of fun and everyone was tired after it was all over.


For Easter we had dinner at the Larimores. There is always a big egg hunt for the kids and the Adults. The kids liked to play in the water. I said "don't play in the water." Of course the kids played in the water.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Nellies "First" Hair Cut!

It was time for Nellie to have a Hair Cut... It looks pretty cute. Thanks Ali!



I don't have an After Picture yet. I will have one soon.