Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Colby!!!

Yesturday Colby turned 3 years old! Wow does time fly. Colby was born October 3, 2006 he was 8lbs 15 oz.

All about Colby:

1. Colby is always one step behind his big brother Oscar, He wants to be just like him
2. Colby's favorite food is Spaghette
3. He hates all veggies and will not eat them
4. Colby think he can have Ice Cream for dinner
5. When Colby gets hurt he wants invisible bandaids
6. Colby doesn't like to get his blood drawn, but loves to get the prize after the blood draw
7. His favorite movie is Lady and the Tramp
8. His favorite color is blue (It changes daily)
9. he loves his "Pretty" dog Cassie
10. He has a bear named Cat-Scan that he has to have with him every night.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Our week of vacation!

On Monday we went to the zoo with the Reeds, Nana, and Jill. We road on the Meri-Go-Round, saw the tigers, and Monkey's. After the zoo we went to the park and had lunch and played.

Monday night we started working on our fence in the back yard. It was very old and was falling down. Evan took the boys to the dump and they absolutely loved it!

Oscar's first day of Pre School was on Wednesday. He was so excited to go. This year he gets to go 3 days a week. Their are 13 kids in his class this year.

On Thursday we loaded up the truck and drove to Utah. Nellie slept for about an hour they cried all the way to Burley. After Burley I just kept throwing food at her and she was happy. Colby tummy kept hurting, his tummy was covered in inviable band aids. (Dora the Explorer of coarse.)

When we finally got to Utah we unloaded the truck and went to the Utah State Fair. We saw cows, pigs, goats, and chickens. They had a fun little maize for the kids to go through, it was like they were working on the farm (I thought it was a cute idea) We even saw tractors and got to sit on them. And on our way out what must you always have at the fair? Funnel Cake of course!!

On Friday I thought it would be fun to take the kids to Temple Square. It took us 30 min to find a place to park. After we parked we started to walk and decided we needed to eat. The closes place was the Navoo Cafe, It was yummy but very expensive. They boys love walking around and learning about church history.

After Temple square we went to "the dude Store", Cabelas, the boys love that store it is always fun to walk through.

On Saturday was the big Heaton Family Reunion. (Evan's, Grandma's Family) We ate food and played some games. There was a pond and the boys road the canoe.

We then drove to Andrea's house and stayed with her. We had dinner at Costa Vita. Had a big slumber party on Andrea's living room floor. Nellie fell and hit her head on the corner of the entertainment center and cracked her head open. Poor thing, it wasn't that deep so no stiches.

Sunday morning we went to IKEA. We left with alot of stuff, but spent under $100. Thats pretty good I was sure I was going to go over that.

And on the road again! We started to drive home. We drove through a nasty storm and just before Burley Evan got pulled over, for his speed. Can you guess how fast he was going? 79! four mile over the limit can you believe that! Then he noticed Evans truck has dual exhaust, and that is illegal (The truck came that way) and his tail light was out (which burned out just outside of Utah how are we suppose to fix that) we were very lucky and just got away with a warning. I tried to take a picture but Evan drove off to fast.

And last but not least. It is Monday Colby's first day of Pre School. Emily is his teacher this year. He was so excited, he got to take the snack today. Evan is back at work and I am off to work tomorrow. It was a fun Vacation but I will be glad to get back into schedule again!

Thanks for reading!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Camping in the Yurt

At the beginning of August we went and camped out in a yurt. It was so much fun. It rained most of the time, but that didn't stop us to....
Eat smores, have a dance party, hike in the rain, games, and taking lots of pictures.
We had so much fun we can't wait till next year.
Thank you Papa for putting up with all of us!