Sunday, June 14, 2009


Every time Troy and Ali come into town we always have to do a girls project... This weekends project we did pedicures. It was alot of fun to just sit and talk with my mom and sisters.

Tyler was the photographer for the evening.... here is some of his work. He does such a good job I might just hire him as my assistant! :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Today I took photo's of my friend Amy. She is expecting soon, we decided to do some Maternity photo's. This was my first Maternity photo shoot, and I LOVED it! It was so much fun, and the pictures turned out awesome. Check out my Photography blog to see more @

I also had to take some photo's of my boys, just to test the camera. Aren't they so cute!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Busy Day...


Today stared off at 8:00 in the morning at the hospital, Colby had to have a chest X-Ray and a CT scan. We were put in our little room and waited. Because the anesthesiologist was running a little late they suggested that we try it with out sedation... Okay I was fine with that. This was the first time he actually saw the CT machine. He said it looked like a "big donut"... "it was cool" I was surprised I thought he would be scared of it. They layed him on the bed and he layed still through the whole thing, no sedation!! Because he was so good he got to choose a prize. He chose a bear and named him Henry. Now he has a "Mia", "CAT Scan" and "Henry" We then did our usually at MSTI, he was checked in, he weighs 33lbs, and is 36" tall, they then took him in back and drew blood. Poor little boy he was poked 3 times already. He still doesn't like getting his blood drawn. Of course when he is done he always gets to pick out a prize, he chose a truck. After a long morning/afternoon he fell asleep on the ride home. His results will come in about a week.


We then went over to the dentist to check out his teeth. Back in August we went bowling with Emily and Oscar tripped and fell on the bowling ball resulting in his 2 front teeth getting knock back in his gum. So I wanted the dentist to check those make sure they were okay, and also it look as though he had a big cavity on one tooth. Oscar was very brave, he ended up having 7cavity's . NOW before you ask me "Don't you brush his teeth?" I will tell you YES! I do, somehow he still has cavity's. They took care of 3 today. and do the other 4 in 2 separate appointments. Thank goodness for dental insurance right?... Wrong he does not have it. After his appointment Oscar got to pick out prize, he chose a bouncy ball and a bath toy.


After Oscars appointment Nellie had an appointment with the dermatologist. That one did not go well. The doctor told me that it was not for sure that she has mastocytosis and that they would have to run more test to actually diagnose her with that, but if it where his child he wouldn't even worry about it... WRONG, if there is something wrong with my child I want to know WHAT it is, not what it might be. Needless to say I wasted $300 going to that doctor and will not be going back. I will be getting a second opinion, because if it was my child that is what I would do.... Hold up she is!

With all appointments said and done, I will say I am very tired and most likely will never schedule so many appointments in one day again

(Disclamer: I do use spell check so if anything is spelled wrong I blame the computer)