Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Colby!!!

Yesturday Colby turned 3 years old! Wow does time fly. Colby was born October 3, 2006 he was 8lbs 15 oz.

All about Colby:

1. Colby is always one step behind his big brother Oscar, He wants to be just like him
2. Colby's favorite food is Spaghette
3. He hates all veggies and will not eat them
4. Colby think he can have Ice Cream for dinner
5. When Colby gets hurt he wants invisible bandaids
6. Colby doesn't like to get his blood drawn, but loves to get the prize after the blood draw
7. His favorite movie is Lady and the Tramp
8. His favorite color is blue (It changes daily)
9. he loves his "Pretty" dog Cassie
10. He has a bear named Cat-Scan that he has to have with him every night.